Notes from other Pilgrims

I asked the other pilgrims on our portion of the trip to write some of their thoughts and messages.
 I’ll post more pictures tomorrow.  Here are the notes I’ve received so far: (Note: these were written on the way to Fatima)

In addition to seeing the amazing sights of Portugal, I have had profound conversations about theology, politics, sociology, philosophy, and Catholicism.  It’s only been 4 days, but I have grown so much.

 – Melany, University Catholic Center

The scenery is amazing, as is the old architecture.  The churches are all SO beautiful and I am excited about finally going to Fatima!!

 – Lydia, St. Joseph

Thanks to everyone for your support.  We are on our way to Fatima where I will keep you all in my prayers.

 – Kathy, Ascension Catholic Church

We are having a lovely time here in Lisboa!  Yesterday, during our free time, we hiked our way all over town.  We visited churches, explored a castle, and ate at restaurants with very interesting waiters.  We have been particularly intrigued with the “Ocean Festival”.  There are posters and fliers everywhere and we even saw the beginning of a concert.  Don’t worry, we’ve taken plenty of pictures to show when we get back!  Even though we’re having fun, we miss everyone back home! Everyone is still in our prayers, we hope that you can say the same!  Bye!

– Katie & Hannah, St. Thomas Aquinas

Thursday night we went to a bullfight (no killing) and it was so cool!  Wish we could go to more!

– Katlyn, St. Thomas Aquinas

This journey is going so well.  Yesterday was my last day in Lisbon.  I had an amazing experience.  Definitely something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.  The churches were so beautiful!  Can’t wait to get to Fatima.

– Linda, St. Helen

I am so blessed to be seeing these churches and standing where Saints have stood.  It is an overwhelming feeling to have my family in the diocese with me.  We have grown so much in so little time.  We continue to pray for each other and all around the world.

– Ari, St. Helen

It is great to be experiencing what we have been planning for.  All of you are in our prayers and we offered mass yesterday for our family, friends, and parishes.  Please continue to prayfor us as we pray for you.  God Bless.

– Fr. Will, St. Mary’s College Station