Now from Santiago de Compostela

Today we traveled from Leiria to Santiago de Compostela.  The bus ride was about 5 hours, but the views made it very enjoyable.  I’ve posted some of those pictures, as well as pictures from yesterday, on Picasa here:

This morning I asked for more comments from the pilgrims, here’s what they had to say:

Having lots of fun, lovin’ Portugal.

– Casey, Santa Rosa

Fatima was a special place.  There was a peace there I have not felt anywhere else.  Peace and Prayers.

– Fr. Will, St. Helen/St. Mary’s C.S.

Hey everybody, I’m doing great.  Fatima was amazingly beautiful.  I loved it, and I really wanna go back.  Maybe if I get married, I’d wanna bring my wife and kids to this amazing experience.  But that’s future stuff that might not happen.  Later everyone, love you all!! (:

– Jon, St. Helen

Hola! The trip is good.  I tried a whole bunch of new foods.:)  Hope the family’s great.  Have fun at the Star Trek Convention, Dominic!  I love you Yeshua!

– Jeanne, St. Helen

Hola Folks, we are on our on our way to Santiago de Compostela from Leiria this morning.  Our visit to Lisbon was great, the people were very warm and welcoming as it was the birth places of St. Anthony of Padua.  We visited the Church of his birth that is located next to the Cathedral, which was amazing itself.  Yesterday, in Fatima, I had the opportunity to pray after the mass we attended with over 20,000 pilgrims before the sit where the Virgin appeared to the shepards.  In thanksgiving for her protection of my life and vocations as I journey deeper into the depths of Christ’s love ad his priesthood, as I lay aside my selfish ways to serve him and his people more fully.  Until next time.

– Fr. Wade, St. Thomas More

Fatima was SO beautiful!! I’ve never been to a mass that big.

– Lydia, St. Joseph

It was moving to see so many people from so many different countries come together for the same purpose in Fatima.  Praying for y’all!

– Catalina, St. Catherine of Sienna

August 13+Fatima, Portugal+beautiful 3 hours mass+18,000 people in the hot sun=really awkward half body sunburn.

– Rene, St. Vincent de Paul

Fatima was overwhelming.  We are on the move again to Santiago de Compestela where we will go to mass and have a sight seeing tour.

– Kathy, Ascension Catholic Church