Animals with Catholic Captions

One of the best things about being Catholic is the hope and joy we have in our faith. Jesus Christ is truly Risen! He is risen indeed!

Sometimes, we Catholics take ourselves too seriously.

We live in a Good Friday world but we are an Easter people and alleluia is our song!

-Blessed Pope John Paul The Great

Now, enjoy these pictures and take it all with grain of salt.

If animals could talk, and if they were Catholic…

Unknown Image Source

“The sacrament of confession can forgive all your sins?”

Picture Credit: Howie Garber / Barcroft Media

“I know we’re on vacation, but we have to hurry or we’ll be late for mass.”

Picture Credit: Quirky China News / Rex Features

“Today’s Friday? I forgot to abstain!”

Picture Credit: Paul Spielvogel / CATERS NEWS

“Made it through mass with no pew cards!”

Photo Credit: Loreta S Flickr

“Easter hats are a nice alternative to my traditional veil.”

Photo Credit: Waffles the Cat Tumblr

“You mean you choose to wear shorts and flip flops to mass?”

Photo Credit: Catasters

“Did you just say that you pray enough?”

Photo Credit: ale_guy Flickr

“One day… I might be pope.”

Photo Source Unknown

“What do you mean I can’t live with you?”

Image Source Unknown

“I’m With the Pope! This going to be my profile picture for life.”

Feel free to add comments to share your different takes on what you think these animals would say.