The Not-So-Famous Last Verses

When we’ve been there ten thousand years,
Bright shining as the sun.
We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise,
Than when we’ve first begun.

Do those words sound familiar? No, it’s not a verse from a somewhat well-known poem or a snippet of a quote from a book. It’s actually the last verse from the popular hymn, “Amazing Grace” as it appears in the Gather Hymnal (you know, that thick green song book tucked away in the pews). Despite the more well-known first verse of the song, the last verse happens to be one of my most favorite verses.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, all the verses of a particular hymn don’t get sung at Mass. Maybe collecting the offering took less time because there’s not as many people, maybe the priest walked fast that day or maybe the main aisle of the church is really short or really long. I know I’m being funny here, but it happens, sometimes the third, fourth and fifth verses are not used.

So in honor of those hymn’s verses which may or may not be sung at Mass as often as they should, here are a few of my favorites!


And when from death I’m free I’ll sing on, I’ll sing on
And when from death I’m free, I’ll sing and joyful be,
And through eternity I’ll sing on, I’ll sing on!
And through eternity I’ll sing on.
What Wondrous Love Is This?


Glory be to God the Father; Glory be to God the Son;
Glory be to God the Spirit; Glory to the Three in One.
From the heart of blessed Mary, From all saints the song ascends,
And the church the strain re-echoes, Unto earth’s remotest ends.
Sing of Mary, Pure and Lowly


I am the Word that leads all to freedom,
I am the peace the world cannot give
I will call your name, embracing all your pain,
Stand up, now walk, and live!
You are Mine


The peace of Christ makes fresh my heart, A fountain ever springing.
All things are mine since I am his; How can I keep from singing?
-How Can I Keep From Singing?


Do you have a favorite verse of a hymn? Share it in the comment section below!


  • Lauren Gulde

    Very true! I do love the last verse of Amazing Grace best! Thanks for sharing!

    • Elizabeth George

       Thanks Lauren!

  • David Casper

    Sweet action! This is a cool concept.
    My faves:
    “Oh, that day when freed from sinning
    I shall see Thy lovely face
    Clothed then in blood-washed linen
    How I’ll sing Thy sov’reign grace!
    Come, my Lord, no longer tarry
    Take my ransomed soul away
    Send Thine angels now to carry
    Me to realms of endless day”
    – Come Thou Fount

    “High King of Heaven, thou Heaven’s bright sun
    O grant me its joys after vict’ry is won
    Great Heart of my own heart, whatever befall
    Still be my vision, O Ruler of all”
    – Be Thou My Vision

    • Elizabeth George

       Ah, David! I love Come Thou Fount! I don’t think I’ve ever heard the last verse of that one. Thanks for sharing!

  • Guest :-)

    The last verse is to bring together all of the themes of previous verses, and to provide the hopeful and optimistic look at anything that may have more deep undertones in the middle verses.  To leave them out makes us end on a sad note!

    • Elizabeth George

      That makes sense. Most of the last verses I was looking through were about taking our faith out into the world and encompassing all the truths we have into one.

      I like your explanation of the importance of the last verse. More reasons to stick around and sing the whole song!

  • Casey Truelove

    At his feet the six-winged seraph,
    cherubim, with sleepless eye,
    veil their faces to the presence,
    as with ceaseless voice they cry:
    Alleluia, Alleluia,
    Alleluia, Lord Most High!- Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence

  • Rachel

    Totally agree on those verses! I’m always sad when they cut a good hymn short!

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