Mission El Salvador Day 0

Young Adult Mission to El Salvador Day 0


My next couple posts are going to be different. They are going to be shorter. They will come in more rapid succession. My spelling may be worse (not that it wasn’t bad enough already). Oh yes and after this one, they will be coming from El Salvador.

Almost a year ago I felt the called to organize a short term mission trip for the Young Adults of our diocese. My mission work in Honduras last summer came only a few months after my conversion experience. It was by any measure a pivotal turning point in my faith and my life. It was my wish to share that experience with others. At first it was a pretty crazy idea.

But the Holy Spirit sent me lots of help. He sent me; Early on he sent me young adult conspirators at St. Marys (Melody and Anne);  A guide from the Diocese (Barbara);  One enthusiastic priest (Fr. Kim); the two best co-leaders I could have asked for (Sofia and Megan) and 4 of the most awesome missioners and friends I could have (Collene, Charles, Marisol,  and Darny). And just when I thought I had all the blessings I needed in the last two weeks I was flooded with a new rush of contributors and prayers… thank you Irene, Mary, Jack, Barbara, and Susan. And thank you for the prayers and concerns of many others.

With all of this help, time and a little work the mission trip has gone from being a crazy calling on one Catholics heart to a crazy calling on a lot of peoples hearts. Honestly we are still in over our heads and we are still relying and prayer and grace. But in my life I have found that nothing is more reliable than prayers and grace. So pray for the people of El Salvador. My challenge to you on Day 0 is to listen to calls of your heart, no matter how crazy.