Prada for God? 5 Things Every Woman Should Wear at Mass

You’ve glanced at the Sunday readings. You shuttled all your children and a husband to the minivan. You even remembered to brush your teeth. You made it to Mass before the first reading, so does it *really* matter what you wore?

Yes, yes it does. Below, I share why it matters, how it can make a difference in your prayer life and what every woman should wear to Mass.

It Matters

I’m no Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. Shoot, I can only hope to have that much style. But, I do believe that God is worth a shower, some lipstick and perhaps a bracelet or two when you head to the weekend Mass. Here in Texas, because we enjoy a perpetual summer with just a hint of winter, many enjoy “relaxed” dress. Spaghetti straps, flip flops and maybe even a soccer uniform are all things you can usually spot if you scan the pews.

I don’t want to get all Canon Law on you, but it matters what you wear. Don’t worry, I’m not advocating cocktail dress, ties and 4″ heels (unless they’re really your thing). But, let’s give God His due attention. What I wear to the soccer field should not be what I wear to Mass on Sunday – or the Saturday Vigil, for that matter. I suppose it comes from my Protestant upbringing but jeans were never allowed at church. Ever. I still remember visiting my then-boyfriend, now husband’s church one weekend when I spotted someone wearing jeans. It’s possible I gasped. However, just three weeks ago, I sported some myself to Mass. It wasn’t intentional, but our Saturday went from well-planned to a crazy ER visit and no time to change. I went with the adage, “at least we were there.”

It Makes a Difference

Lisa from Joie de Vivre, via the “What I Wore Sunday” linkup

About a month ago, some fine ladies I follow on Twitter started a link up called “What I Wore Sunday” on their blog, Fine Linen and Purple. Its goal is to inspire women to dress beautifully, and modestly, for Mass. I’ve found some great inspiration, tips and ideas for making my Mass a more spiritual experience. Ever since I started the link up, I’ve found myself consciously thinking about preparing myself for Mass, not just physically, but spiritually. There’s been a bit more time to pray when we arrive, I’ve even scanned the Magnificat App on my iPhone for the readings. I can’t recall the last time I did that. When you prepare the body, you also prepare the mind. I try to lay out my clothes the night before, or at the very least, think about what my choices may be. You know, in case Febreze and a dryer can help a mom out!

5 Things To Wear

  • Something beautiful. Perhaps your beautiful is a scarf, a piece of jewelry or an adored pair of shoes. Put something on that makes you feel stunning and brings you joy. It’s the perfect heart to bring to God.
  • Something spiritual. I always have my rosary in my purse, so while it’s not something I wear, I always take it with me. Maybe you have a treasured medal or scapular; put it on!
  • Something modest. Look in a mirror before you leave. That hemline may be a bit higher than you remember or that neckline a little too revealing. Throw on a different skirt or put on a camisole. Model what you want your daughters to emulate and what you want your boys to see as the standard for a lady.
  • Something that makes you feel like a lady. For me, that’s makeup and earrings. I don’t wear much, but it’s enough to make me feel presentable.
  • Something inspirational. I really struggle some weeks with finding something to wear that makes me feel confident and pretty. I say, get some great inspiration from other women you admire. Start that board on Pinterest. Link up to that fashion meme. Step out of your comfort zone and give your best to God. After Mass, I find myself scanning the congregation for women I admire and they almost always inspire me to take what I wear to Mass seriously.

Know that when you kneel during the consecration what you wear and how your prepare your outer appearance is a bit of how you’ve prepared your heart to receive the Eucharist.

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  • Lisa Schmidt

    Great post!! One of the unexpected blessings since becoming a full-time at-home mom is that now I am so excited to wear the dresses, suits, heels, scarves and dangly earrings that I spent a fortune on for the workforce now for MASS!

    • Kathryn

      Lisa, I KNOW! Exactly my thoughts.

  • Lauren Gulde

    I love this Kathryn! Great practical tips. Since we go to a university parish, it is all too easy to wear jeans and STILL look dressed up! :) This is a good reminder to put a bit more planning into my appearance. Thanks!!

    • Kathryn

      I still think one call pull off dressy jeans 😉

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  • Cristina Mares Almanza

    Thanks Kathryn, your post inspired me to start an earring and jewelry boards on pinterest. :)

    One thing I always remind myself to do for Mass, is wearing clothes that are just nice as what I wear to work. If I don’t, I am basically saying my work appearance is more important than seeing God.

    Thanks for the tips!

    • Lindsay

      Cristina, that was exactly how I had my “dressing up for Mass”
      conversion! I realized one Sunday morning that I was going to wear jeans and a t-shirt because I was “only going to Mass, not to work.” It hit me like a two-by-four. If I won’t dress up for God, but I will for man,
      what kind of message am I sending?

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