My Saturday and Sunday (In Pictures)

When I finally got some time to relax on Sunday evening, I realized that the weekend went by in a flash. Friday, I spent some time helping at a dinner for seminarians who were in town for the Texas Rally For Life. On Saturday, I was at the Texas Rally for Life and this Sunday I attended Fr. Leo’s cooking demonstration at St. William. What better way to show you how I spent my weekend than with pictures?

The Texas Rally for Life on Saturday had over 3,000 people in attendance from church groups, to Knights of Columbus chapters, university students and other pro-life supporters. It surely was a great display of our belief that all life is sacred – from conception to natural death.

What I loved the most about the rally was all the excitement and joy. There were children playing on the Capitol grounds, balloons, people talking and discussing how they were involved in this movement. I’ve heard it said that this is the pro-life generation. We’ve seen 40 years come and go, but abortion will not outlast this generation.


On Sunday, Saint William’s in Round Rock featured Fr. Leo Patalinghug as part of their Catholic Speakers Series. Fr. Leo appeared on the Food Network when he won a throwdown challenge with Chef Bobby Flay. For more about Fr. Leo, check out Cris’s post from this past Friday.

His “fusion fajitas” were on the menu for the Sunday lunch after a short cooking demonstration! Fr. Leo sure kept us entertained while showing us how to prep the delicious meal! If you ever come across an occasion to make his “screaming” sour cream – do it, it will make your fajitas fantastic!

family picnic

This certainly was a packed weekend with friends, fellow Catholics and plenty of delicious food! How did you spend this weekend? Did you make it out to the Texas Rally For Life or Fr. Leo’s cooking demonstration?

  • Jason Elizondo

    Great photos Elizabeth! Cristina and I were also able to get an interview with Father Leo that we’ll have for this week’s podcast. Stay tuned!

    • Elizabeth George

      Awesome! I look forward to hearing the interview – I’ll update this post with a link when it’s up!

  • Lindsay

    I’m so flattered that one of my students made it into your collage from the Rally for Life! [Curious readers: You can get one of those delightful burnt orange shirts for yourself at 2010 University Avenue in Austin. 😉 ] I’m also bewildered as to how I was standing literal feet away from him at the time but didn’t see you until the party later.

    • Elizabeth George

      I guess I’m just a photographing Ninja! Haha, I wasn’t in one place for very long – I was bouncing around trying to get some pictures and then manning the booth for the company I work for!

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