What is AustinCNM about? [Coming Expansion]

The past few weeks have been really exciting for us. We’re fired up to announce some new projects we’re working on at Austin Catholic New Media.

If you were at DCYC in Waco or at the Texas Rally for Life at the Capitol , you might have noticed us with a mic and cameras. At DCYC, we even had  large banner and lighting set up at our booth.

Cristina interviewing Joe Pojman of Texas Alliance for Life

Cristina interviewing Joe Pojman of Texas Alliance for Life

We have had a very noticeable presence at two very large events, and this led to many questions about what we do and who we are as a group.

This is one of my favorite questions to receive. Of course I always direct people to our about page that clearly and simply defines our mission to serve the local Church, network, promote, educate, and create. Although, it always leads to even more interesting questions and discussions.


Here are some of my favorite questions about AustinCNM from the past few weekends.

[question]You’re not just a blog?[/question]

[answer] The blog actually came after the group was formed, and it’s only one part of our mission.[/answer]

[question]This is more than just a website?[/question]

[answer]Yes. We use the web as a form of communication, but our community extends beyond the screen and into our real lives. We have lunches, meet ups, and attend many great events around the diocese.[/answer]

[question]Do you have reporters?[/question]

[answer]We have contributors with microphones and cameras, but this is not really journalism. We are unmistakably biased by our fidelity of the Church. We promote rather than report.[/answer]

[question]Are you a news source?[/question]

[answer]We do cover some local and current events, but we do not fit into that genre of media. I would say we could more accurately be compared to a marketing team for the local church. The faith is our product.[/answer]

[question]What are you doing with the videos?[/question]

[answer]Our video contributors will be creating videos promoting different parts of the faith, promoting local events, and giving more of a voice to the people in the Diocese of Austin. There are more artistic elements in the story telling. We are still experimenting with where this will go.[/answer]

[question]Can I help?[/question]

[answer]We would love to talk more about this. Send us an email and we’ll continue this discussion. Be sure to visit our join page to learn more about the requirements of joining our team.[/answer]


We were patiently waiting and looking for the tools and people to expand in this direction for a while, and now God  has provided great people to join our team. It’s hard to contain my excitement for the new possibilities for the new evangelization here in the Diocese of Austin.

Now that we have been more visible, we also became a more obvious target for those that oppose our mission. I have to admit that it caught me off guard, but I can’t say that I’m surprised. Jesus promised that it would come with the job of being a Christian. Dust your shoulders off and carry on.

We move forward with great hope and joy.

Important Note: If you participated in our recordings, please be patient as we begin our new venture. Our contributors will be working on editing and posting videos soon. Thank you for your support.