The Birds in the Sky
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In the midst of finals, I find that many friends, including myself experience mini-existential crises. We wonder what we are doing with our lives, how this grade will affect the future, and how we are supposed to make meaning in this messy little thing called life. I worry about where I am supposed to be and how God could possibly be calling me to holiness despite all of my sin. I wonder if He will really take care of me even though I see how he has taken care of His people since the beginning of time. But then, in my heart, I hear the words: “Look at the birds in the sky” and I turn to scripture:

“Look at the birds in the sky; they do not sow or reap, they gather nothing into barns, yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are not you more important than they?”

Matthew 6:26 ( Heck read all of Matthew 6)

Is that not beautiful? A bird, one of the smallest and unintelligent creatures (save ravens, those things are crazy) does not worry so why should we have any reason to? Why do we focus so much on the future when God calls us to the moment: God calls us to today.

Our God is the God of the future and the past but more importantly He is the God of right now. He is the God of today and has set us free from sin so that today we might serve him. If we see God in our past and in our present how can we not see Him in the moment? God can be seen in everything. Look at the birds in the sky: doesn’t their existence scream the majesty of God? Look at your spouse and your children: do they not make you desire what is truly divine? Look at the Eucharist before you receive it and know that in that very moment God has not called you to be anywhere else in the entire world. He wants you to be right here, in front of Him so that He can take care of you.

We have a God who leaves the other ninety-nine sheep just to find you. Relax, and let the good God who created you work in you, be in you, and act through you. Let him heal you so that you can face today with holiness and joy. Let it be in the little things that let you know that God and the Love He has is real.

Surprise! it's Jesus!

Surprise! it’s Jesus!

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1 Comment
  • Rebecca Stuard Severson

    Thank you for sharing this, Josh! I loved it and really needed to hear this during this Advent season while I am trying to find inner peace.

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