Healing Services with Alan Ames from Australia

Alan Ames Carver Alan Ames was born in England yet today lives in Australia. Alan was transformed from a virtual unbeliever to a powerful apostle of Christ. Alan moves under a powerful anointing, exhibiting the gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially the Gift of Healing. Every person will be prayed over individually. Many reported physical, emotional and spiritual cures have occurred during these healing services. Through his talks and writings he touches the lives of many by calling them to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and the Church. His message is a simple, clear call to conversion of life and of the need for a return to the fullness of the Catholic Faith. Alan has traveled extensively in the last 18 years visiting 50 countries and 6 continents giving witness to his conversion from a man of sin to one who is very close to God and the Roman Catholic Church. Alan Ames’ life has changed from a violent, alcoholic man to a man of complete devotion to God. For more information visit Alan at www.alanames.org.

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Come and Listen to Alan’s amazing story of God’s love. Please invite your family, friends and neighbors.


ALAN AMES: Evangelist, Visionary and Mystic who has been given the Gift of Healing will be in the Austin area:

Monday, March 24th 

Rosary 6:30 p.m.

Mass 7:00 p.m.

Followed by Healing Service

Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church

1206 E 9th St.

Austin, TX 78702

(512) 478-7955


  • Rachel Gardner

    Alan is Ames is amazing! I have been to hear him speak in Austin before, and read alot of his books. His down to earth way of talking about God is so beautiful and powerful.