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Husband. Dad. Catholic. Blogger. Living out my call to holiness in the vocation of marriage and in service to the Catholic Church. @cwillistonvi Vice-President, Co-Founder of ACNM
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  • 05 Dec 2013
    Pope Francis is Destroying Me (in a Good Way)
    Every day it seems there is another phenomenal story in the media about Pope Francis. It shouldn’t be so surprising to see someone act in such a Christlike manner and yet the actions of this man have caused the world at large to sit up and take notice. Being a...
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  • 05 Sep 2013
    Seeking the Prayers of a Servant
    As I sat down to write this week, I was filled with heaviness.  The past several weeks have been filled with loss and sadness for friends and, I’ll admit, I find myself rather empty of much to offer the ACNM community. Stumbling for inspiration, I happened upon the realization that...
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  • 22 Aug 2013
    Some Wisdom for an 8 Year Old
    As has become my annual August tradition, it’s time once again to turn towards sharing a bit of wisdom with our oldest, Emily (links here in case you missed my wisdom for a five, six and seven year old). More than ever before, I’ve found crafting my thoughts very difficult...
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  • 25 Jul 2013
    Conversations I Don’t Have
    When people find out that you have four kids, they often say strange things to you.  Sometimes they try to “justify” why they have fewer children, which always seems to reveal some regret or disappointment in their past.  Other times, they make you feel like you’re crazy. In an effort...
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  • 11 Jul 2013
    New Post: The Perfect Time for Parenting
    Good things are coming soon here at This Pilgrim’s Progress.  As you may or may not know, I’ve been working on many other projects that kept me from writing here regularly.  That, however, is soon to change.  In the meantime, my beautiful wife suggested that I link to the writing...
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  • 11 Jul 2013
    The Perfect Time for Parenting
    I’ll never forget when my wife, Michelle, told me we were pregnant the first time.  I unwrapped a gift to find tiny baby booties inside with a note that said, “Can’t wait to meet you, Daddy.” As I recall, I just started laughing.  And then I kept on laughing.  And...
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  • 13 Jun 2013
    The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry: A Review
    I have a thing for pilgrimage stories. It shouldn’t really come as a surprise, I suppose, since my personal (and currently neglected) blog is entitled This Pilgrim’s Progress.  Knowing that alone, however,might not tip you off to how much I thoroughly rave about the film The Way, or the fact...
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  • 22 May 2013
    What Did the Pope Just Say?
    Hold your horses, Huffington Post.The Pope did not just change the doctrine of the Catholic church. Protestants… take a deep breath before you point fingers and claim that Catholics believe you have to work your way into heaven and that Pope Francis just said so. Are we calmed down?  Good....
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  • 16 May 2013
    The Best Me
    Last week marked the premature end of an all-too-short era in the Williston house when, after a remarkable temper tantrum by my son, Lincoln, we decided to sell the Wii and Xbox on Craigslist. It all started, as most family crises do, with a father/son matchup in Mario Super Sluggers,...
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  • 02 May 2013
    Superman and Catholic Spirituality
    This Friday, millions of Americans will flock to theaters to see Iron Man 3, the latest expansion of the Marvel universe series of films.  Early reviews are good and I’ll likely go see it, even after the failure that was Iron Man 2.  But, honestly, you can have Tony Stark....
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  • 18 Apr 2013
    No, no, no
    All week long I’ve been trying to write about Boston, attempting to write some words of sense that are born out of a senseless situation. When sidewalks are awash with blood, an eight year old boy, among others, is dead, and limbs are lying on the ground, there is no...
  • 04 Apr 2013
    The Audacity of Pope Francis
    On Good Friday morning last week, I received this text message from a friend, “Your new Pope is all kinds of awesome.” You can probably derive from the message that my friend is not Catholic.  He read in the news about Pope Francis’s Holy Thursday visit to wash the feet...
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