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Husband to Cristina, Catholic artist and designer. Serve as High School catechist and retreat coordinator. Committed to promoting the beauty of Truth through education and art. @soulpainter Visit my site President, Co-Founder ACNM


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    Austin CNM Retreat – July 19, 2014

    Austin CNM Retreat 2014

    Join us for a day of reflection at a retreat hosted by Austin CNM at St. Thomas More Catholic Church in North Austin located at 10205 N Fm 620, Austin, Texas 78726 on Saturday July, 19, 2014 10 am – 5 pm. This day will be dedicated to prayer, discussion, and collaboration all with a strong [...]

    Drink Like A Catholic

    Drink Like a Catholic

    I grew up in one of the few remaining dry counties in the country. In case you have never heard of it, that means they don’t sell alcohol there. It’s not prohibition, but you need to travel somewhere else to buy it. In that part of Texas, Baptist Christians have a huge influence on the [...]

    Spiritual Brotherhood and Christian Joy


    A good wedding is always fun, and it brings out the happiness in everyone. Holy Matrimony is one of the best reasons to party, and it’s usually what Catholics are best at doing. The Holy Mass, a great feast, and all out dance and celebration are appropriate for such an occasion. Not because weddings are [...]