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Husband to Cristina, Catholic artist and designer. Serve as High School catechist and retreat coordinator. Committed to promoting the beauty of Truth through education and art. @soulpainter Visit my site President, Co-Founder ACNM


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    5 Reasons to do Marian Consecration

    5 Reasons to do Marian Consecration

    In the fall of 2006, a friend introduced me to a book called True Devotion to Mary by St Louis de Montfort, and I can confidently say that there has never been a book that had a greater impact in my spiritual life. I was blessed to be raised a cradle Catholic, but it wasn’t […]

    Sunday Says – March 22, 2015 Mass Readings and Reflection

    Sunday Says Podcast

    Fifth Sunday of Lent Lectionary: 35 (NAB Translation) (Jerusalem Bible Translation) This is the fifth Sunday of Lent, the last Sunday before Holy Week. In many parishes, it is customary to veil crosses and images with purple cloth around the church in this time we call Passiontide. Reading 1 Jeremiah 31:31-34   This week’s first […]

    Sunday Says – March 15, 2015 Mass Readings and Reflection

    Sunday Says Podcast

    March 15, 2015 Fourth Sunday of Lent Lectionary: 32 (NAB Translation) (Jerusalem Bible Translation) This is another week where there are 2 different readings depending on whether there are scrutinies happening at the mass you attend this weekend. Those readings come from year A, and we are currently in year B. The fourth Sunday of […]

    Austin Catholic Meetup (Unofficial SXSWi 2015)


    A few times a year, Austin CNM lives out it mission by going beyond the digital avatars and commits to meeting in person as community of Christians that seek to use interactive technology as a tool for the New Evangelization. These gatherings are always small and intimate to facilitate greater discussion and fellowship. Join us […]

    Sunday Says – March 8, 2015 Mass Readings and Reflection

    Sunday Says Podcast

    Sunday, March 8, 2015 Third Sunday of Lent – Year A Scrutinies Lectionary: 28 (NAB Translation) (Jerusalem Bible Translation) Reading 1 Exodus 17:3-7 There are two different parts of Exodus that could be read for this week’s first reading. You will either hear the familiar story of the Prophet Moses receiving the Ten Commandments from […]

    Bishop Rundown for the Diocese of Austin [Infographic]


    We are living in exciting times in the Diocese of Austin. The Austin metro area is experiencing unprecedented growth and constantly ranking at the top of list to show just how great things really are going in the area. Our diocese is booming, and it’s only excepted to keep going for the foreseeable future. Episcopal Ordination […]

    Sunday Says – February 22, 2015 Mass Reading Reflections

    Sunday Says Podcast

    Sunday, February 22, 2015 First Sunday of Lent Lectionary: 23 (NAB Readings) (Jerusalem Translation) Reading 1 Genesis 9:8-15   This week’s first reading from the book of Genesis recounts the familiar story of Noah. This segment picks up after the flood and focuses on the covenant of God with Noah, promising to not destroy the […]

    Ways to Find Value in Your Work as a Young Adult


    Most young adults aren’t working their dream jobs, and it commonly leads to a lingering restlessness. Few people grow up wanting to have a desk job or work in service, and most of us never considered the amount of monotonous tasks required in the daily routine in regular jobs. When we search our hearts, we all want […]

    Sunday Says Podcast – February 8, 2015 Mass Readings and Reflection

    Sunday Says Podcast

    Sunday, February 8, 2015 Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time Lectionary: 74 (NAB Translation)(Jerusalem Bible Translation) Reading 1 Job 7:1-4, 6-7 This first reading from the Prophet Job is very characteristic of this classic prophet. You can clearly hear a tone of suffering in the excerpt from a conversation between Job and his friends. This is […]