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Husband to Cristina, Catholic artist and designer. Serve as High School catechist and retreat coordinator. Committed to promoting the beauty of Truth through education and art. @soulpainter Visit my site President, Co-Founder ACNM


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    Making Friends As A Young Adult

    Making Friends as a Young Adult

    When you are in school it is easy to meet other people with similar perspectives and interests because the educational systems categorize and do the grouping for you. For most of us, it’s so natural that we miss how easy it makes it to begin friendships. Once you leave school, making friends is a very [...]

    Sunday Says Podcast – August 31, 2014 Mass Readings and Reflection

    Sunday Says Podcast

    Sunday August 31, 2014 Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time Lectionary: 124 (NAB Translation)(Jerusalem Bible Translation) First Reading  Jeremiah 20:7-9 In this week’s first reading from the Prophet Jeremiah, we hear some of the personality that earned him the nickname the “crying prophet.” Living a prophet’s life sounds like it would be blessed since it is [...]

    Sunday Says Podcast – August 17, 2014 Mass Readings and Reflections

    Sunday Says Podcast

    Sunday August 17 2014   Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time Lectionary: 118 (NAB Translation) (Jerusalem Bible) Reading 1 Isaiah 56:1, 6-7 The first reading from the prophet Isaiah, we hear a message about God’s intention to have a select people. Israel was centered around their identity of their faith and inheritance as God’s chosen people. At [...]

    Austin CNM Retreat – July 19, 2014

    Austin CNM Retreat 2014

    Join us for a day of reflection at a retreat hosted by Austin CNM at St. Thomas More Catholic Church in North Austin located at 10205 N Fm 620, Austin, Texas 78726 on Saturday July, 19, 2014 10 am – 5 pm. This day will be dedicated to prayer, discussion, and collaboration all with a strong [...]