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I like to live, live to love, and love to like. I am a Catholic musician, blogger, speaker, apologist, and ADD-sufferer. I have ten fingers, ten toes, a goatee, and a cheap watch. I enjoy monocles, moustaches, and proper grammar. If any of these characteristics sound appealing, please feel free to inform me of that at davidcaspermusic@gmail.com. (You may contact me that way for other reasons as well.)
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  • 12 Aug 2013
    GODS: The Good Old Days Syndrome
    This week, I’ve decided to take a brief side route away from my posts about the Theology of Sound to raise public awareness of a particular disease. It’s an old disease – very old, in fact – and it has never been cured, nor will it ever be. It is...
  • 15 Jul 2013
    The Theology of Sound Part II: The Key to Beauty
    For Part I, click here. In Part I, we talked briefly about how we are part of creation, yet we are set apart from it, and that there is something, some quality about us that the all rest of the universe does not possess. As it turns out, there are many...
  • 01 Jul 2013
    The Theology of Sound
    A question for your consideration: Why does music hold such power over the human heart? Let that percolate for a minute, then read on. As a Catholic musician, I am particularly enamored with two things: theology and sound. I dive passionately into the depths of the Eschaton just as eagerly...
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  • 30 Mar 2013
    The Silence of the Lamb
    Ladies and gents, I think I might be clinically insane. There are many reasons I think this might be true, not the least of which is my propensity for cackling maniacally while formulating plans to take over the world, but if you’re not entirely convinced, I think I could prove...
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  • 26 Jan 2013
    What Love Is
    Hey. Wanna try a little experiment? Search the Internet for the definition of “love” and see what you get. I tried this just recently and discovered something rather incredible. Specifically, I wanted to know what our society thinks love is. We as Catholics know that society’s understanding of love is...
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  • 12 Jan 2013
    The ACTUAL Reason Contraception is Wrong
    Lately, I’ve been on the Internet. Depressing, I know. But I have. And in particular, I’ve noticed a widespread rash of anger directed at that crotchety old institution full of crotchety old men with crotchety old ideas: the Catholic Church. Seems there’s this thing happening out there in the “real...
  • 15 Dec 2012
    Why I Believe in Gay Equality
    First things first: I apologize for my extended hiatus from posting blogs. Let’s just say a lot of very significant and life-changing things happened to me one after another. Second things second: I’d like to return to my regularly scheduled programming by speaking about a rather snaggly issue in our...
  • 25 Aug 2012
    Unsolicited Advice on Kissing
    There’s something to be said for a good kiss. That said, what is to be said cannot be said because it loses something in the saying. So say what you will, but to say that you can say all that needs to be said about a good kiss is to...
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  • 11 Aug 2012
    How to Read the Bible
    When I was a kid – probably around sixth grade or so – I decided that I wanted to read the Bible. I’d heard a lot about this Jesus fellow at church and in Sunday school, but I’d never actually just sat down and read the book He wrote. So...
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  • 28 Jul 2012
    How Far Is Too Far?
    There are some questions that never seem to get properly answered when you ask them. “Daddy, why is the sky blue?” “Mommy, where do babies come from?” “Aunt Edna, could you help me reconcile the thermodynamic principle of entropy with the theory of evolution?” But the one that probably most...
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  • 19 Jul 2012
    Basic Biology for the Dating Catholic
    So you’re Catholic? Good. And so is SHE? Well, well, well. Even better. You know the “she” of whom I speak. Your heart’s beating a little faster just thinking about her. Perhaps your palms are sweating and you need to wipe down your keyboard with a Wet-Nap. But where do...
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  • 14 Jul 2012
    The State of Your Heart
    Attention, Catholics! Do you want to grow massively in holiness? Do you long to kindle the great flames of piety and prayerfulness in your heart? Do you want to do this easily, quickly, and effectively, in one simple step? I submit to you an answer that will likely make every...
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