GODS: The Good Old Days Syndrome

Were video games really better on Super Nintendo - frothing fanboy-ism aside?

This week, I’ve decided to take a brief side route away from my posts about the Theology of Sound to raise public awareness of a particular disease. It’s an old disease – very old, in fact – and it has never been cured, nor will it ever be. It is not a bacteria, and hence […]

The Theology of Sound

sudden clarity clarence

A question for your consideration: Why does music hold such power over the human heart? Let that percolate for a minute, then read on. As a Catholic musician, I am particularly enamored with two things: theology and sound. I dive passionately into the depths of the Eschaton just as eagerly as I plunge myself headlong […]

The Silence of the Lamb


Ladies and gents, I think I might be clinically insane. There are many reasons I think this might be true, not the least of which is my propensity for cackling maniacally while formulating plans to take over the world, but if you’re not entirely convinced, I think I could prove my point if you just […]

Interview with Sr. Helena Burns, FSP

Sister Burns

David Casper recently got the chance to sit down with Sister Helena Burns of the Daughters of St. Paul to talk about being a media nun, zombie rom-coms and the upcoming Papal Conclave. Sister Helena Burns belong to the Daughters of St. Paul, an international congregation of religious women dedicated to spreading God’s Word through the […]

What Love Is

Ah. That clears things up.

Hey. Wanna try a little experiment? Search the Internet for the definition of “love” and see what you get. I tried this just recently and discovered something rather incredible. Specifically, I wanted to know what our society thinks love is. We as Catholics know that society’s understanding of love is pretty screwed-up, but I wanted […]

The ACTUAL Reason Contraception is Wrong


Lately, I’ve been on the Internet. Depressing, I know. But I have. And in particular, I’ve noticed a widespread rash of anger directed at that crotchety old institution full of crotchety old men with crotchety old ideas: the Catholic Church. Seems there’s this thing happening out there in the “real world” (a phrase whose quotation […]

Why I Believe in Gay Equality

Or a dog who finally discovers the joys of Beggin' Strips.

First things first: I apologize for my extended hiatus from posting blogs. Let’s just say a lot of very significant and life-changing things happened to me one after another. Second things second: I’d like to return to my regularly scheduled programming by speaking about a rather snaggly issue in our state/country/world at the moment: gay […]

Unsolicited Advice on Kissing


There’s something to be said for a good kiss. That said, what is to be said cannot be said because it loses something in the saying. So say what you will, but to say that you can say all that needs to be said about a good kiss is to say that you can say […]

How to Read the Bible

At some point in there, apparently Santa Claus shows up and starts telling people to "look at your life through heaven's eyes."

When I was a kid – probably around sixth grade or so – I decided that I wanted to read the Bible. I’d heard a lot about this Jesus fellow at church and in Sunday school, but I’d never actually just sat down and read the book He wrote. So I did. Or at least […]