Finishing the Race, Completing the Task

Finish the Race, Complete the Task

There are cliches and overused quotes for every occasion in life. In high school, our English teachers would caution us against using cliches in our writing. For starters, they’re sometimes hard to understand for someone who has never heard them before. How do you explain to someone that while an apple a day may help… [Read More]

Using SMART Goals to Accomplish Big Things

Smart goals

Let’s talk about goals. This post comes partially from the realization that just two weeks after New Year’s (time sure does fly) some of my New Year’s resolutions have already fallen by the way side (or never really got off the ground in the first place). In my cubical, I have this clipping from a… [Read More]

Win A Trip For TWO To Rome For the Canonization of Blessed John Paul II!

John Paul II Life Center Logo

In September, Pope Francis announced that he would declare his two predecessors, Blessed John XXIII and John Paul II, saints in a single ceremony on April 27, 2014. The ceremony will take place on Divine Mercy Sunday, a celebration instituted by Blessed Pope John Paul II in 2000. Thanks to the John Paul II Life… [Read More]

A Tradition-less Christmas

A Tradition-Less Christmas

When I was younger, the lack of any sort of stable Advent traditions was a point of pride. I’ve spent many a Christmas eve camping out on the floor of the Miami airport during a 5-hour layover playing cards with my siblings, waiting to spend Christmas with family in the Caribbean. But, on the risk… [Read More]

Beginning Advent With A Challenge


This year, the number of days in this holiday season are the shortest it possibly can be. 27 days. Just 27 days separate Thanksgiving and Christmas. Perhaps, As a result this begins to explain how and why retailers have combated the unusually short shopping window by putting out Christmas merchandise even earlier than normal. Completely… [Read More]

The Year of Faith: What’s Next?

Year of Faith Logo

Growing up in a family whose roots are deep in the small Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago I’ve always heard December 31st referred to as “Old Year’s Night” instead of “New Year’s Eve.” I’ve always kind of liked calling it “Old Year’s Night.” Calling it that, in a way, gives us an opportunity to… [Read More]

An American Moment: Remembering Our Fellow Brothers and Sisters in Service

An American Moment

“Freedom always comes at a high price. It requires a generous heart, ready for sacrifice. We cannot excuse ourselves from our own personal responsibility for freedom. There is no such thing as freedom without sacrifice.” – Blessed Pope John Paul II Veteran’s Day, November 11th, commemorates two very significant events. On November 11, 1918 the… [Read More]

On Homecomings

Baylor Catholic - Homecoming

There’s something captivating about the season of Fall. And before you think it’s because of the cooler temperatures, pumpkin spiced lattes and a football season in full swing – it’s not. There’s this one aspect of fall is exciting every time I see it approaching on my calendar – Homecoming. The occasion is just as… [Read More]

ICYMI: Good Samaritan, Catholic Bands, Respect Life & Wisdom From the Pope


Did you have a good weekend? I hope your Monday (and week) are off to a great start! The following is a collection of cool news, resources and even some wisdom from the Pope you may or may not have heard about – hence the title – In Case You Missed It. Is there anything… [Read More]

Join Austin’s 40 Days For Life Efforts

Pro-Life Waco

I’ve told the story before of my first experience standing outside of Planned Parenthood during prayer vigil. It was the summer before I graduated and was completing an assignment for a photojournalism class. I’d supported pro-life organizations and prayed at prayer vigils, but never directly on the sidewalk outside a Planned Parenthood or other abortion… [Read More]

An Accidental Pilgrimage

Mother Cabrini Shrine

This weekend I happened to stumbled upon two pilgrimage sites for the Year of Faith in Denver, CO in less than 48 hours. It was quite the blessed surprise (and not so much an accident!). I was in Denver last week for work and decided to stay the weekend to spend some time sightseeing with… [Read More]

Some Monday Morning Inspiration To Get You Going

Monday Inspiration

Oh, Monday, here we are again. Maybe your weekend was packed with activities or maybe it was used for a Netflix-surfing-couch-time. Yet, here we are again, on a Monday with a full week ahead of us until the next well deserved weekend. While channel flipping over the weekend, I caught a few minutes of the… [Read More]

Z. Randall Stroope’s The Conversion of Saul

Z. Randall Stroope's Conversion of Saul

David Casper asked this question a few weeks ago in his post: Why does music hold such power over the human heart? In middle and high school, my sanctuary was the choir room. Forget sports (although I did play soccer in high school) and the library, I’d much rather spend before school, after school and… [Read More]

5 Blogs I’m Currently Reading (Besides ACNM, of course!)


There is no shortage of great content (Catholic or not) out there on the Internet. According to a 2012 survey, there are an estimated 42,000,000 blogs in the US. 329 million people view a blog monthly totaling well over 25 billion page views. Each day there are more than 500,000 daily posts and 400,000 daily… [Read More]

Things I Learned From This Past Week

ACNM Things I've Learned From This Past Week Header

First, this week has been physically, emotionally and spiritual exhausting, and not just in the context of pro-life legislation. I am thankful that our courage, strength and perseverance all comes from the Lord. Secondly, we cannot underestimate the power of our presence online, in person and in witness to Faith and Truth. During the pro-life… [Read More]

Defend us in Battle

ACNM_Defend Us In Battle

I sometimes wonder if those who are fought for human rights and those who are considered great examples of leaders for social justice knew they would be forever knitted into mankind’s history. I’m going to be bold and presume that for those who dedicated their lives to ensuring our fellow brothers and sisters were treated… [Read More]

A Single Gal’s Girl Code


[girl·code] n. the unwritten understanding between girls (If you haven’t already figured out, this one is for the ladies. Sorry gentlemen.) My friend and I’s “Girl Code” from the third grade probably contained the following nuggets of wisdom: Boys have cooties. Stay away from them unless you’ve got your cootie shot. Don’t reveal who-likes-who when sworn… [Read More]

Cracks in the Sidewalk


I should really let it go, in the grand scheme of things it’s not that big of a deal. For me, there are an estimated three inches that have the possibility to ruin a perfectly good three mile workout. It’s one tiny bit of an uneven sidewalk. And as silly as it sounds, those three… [Read More]

Fighting for LIFE on Facebook

We’re touted as the pro-life generation. I have no doubt of that, but how are we still losing to a popular culture of death? Let me give you some background information. I attended a Christian university in Texas with deep roots to Baptist traditions. Last week, I was on Facebook and looked at a page… [Read More]

Brandon Vogt’s Strange Notions Launches Today!


Strange Notions, a site designed to be a central place of dialogue online between Catholics and atheists, will go live TODAY at 8 a.m. CST. The site include intelligent articles, compelling video and rich discussion through its comment box. Brandon Vogt, a Catholic speaker, blogger and writer, is behind project and has a group of… [Read More]