Kathryn Whitaker

Kathryn is the mom of six and wife to a pretty amazing Catholic man. She blogs about what she knows: big families, carpool, prematurity, her beloved Aggies, her faith, DIY/organization projects, finding God in the details and the occasional glass of wine at 10am. In her free time she operates a freelance graphic design business.

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    What Kind of Life Are You Creating?


    If people were to judge my life in random five-minute increments, I wonder what they would walk away thinking. Don’t kid yourself, we’ve all done it. To the mom in the grocery with the screaming baby. Well, that’s what happens when you bring a baby to the store during naptime. To the guy who honks [...]

    Finding Peace As a Mom of 5


    I’m not sure Hail Mary’s are supposed to be yelled. Perhaps it’s a new way of praying them? For the last several months (years), I’ve struggled with finding peace in multiple areas of my life, at the same time. Maybe that’s my problem. I try to find too much peace, too many places and it’s [...]

    The 10-Minute Phone Call That Changed My Day


    “You know, of the 10,080 minutes you have in a week, I sure am glad you spent 1/1,000 talking to me,” quipped my 87-year-old grandfather. The fact that I called him was a complete fluke. He’s been on my mind for weeks. I’ve wanted to call for longer than that, but I was busy. You [...]

    Encountering God, Encountering Beauty: The Dominican Sisters are Here to Stay!

    dominican sisters, bishops

    “You encounter God when you encounter beauty.” While a Dominican Sister of Mary may have stolen those words from my brain, they are oh-so-true, aren’t they? From the first moment I met these Dominicans, three words came to mind: beauty, joy and faithfulness. Those same words could certainly describe the beautiful weekend at the Sister’s [...]

    So You Think Your Kid Needs a Cell Phone

    cell phone

    Oh, how I wish there was an entry in the Catechism for questions such as these. We have five children, the oldest is twelve and in seventh grade. And, if my gray hairs are any indication, he has asked us for a cell phone no less than one billion times. The answer is still no. [...]

    Homeless People Aren’t Zoo Animals

    mlf camp t-shirt

    The chaos in the backseat of my van was undeniable. There were screams, yells and giggles. It wasn’t a rockstar, a marching band or even Johnny Football that caught their attention. No, it was the homeless African-American single mom, holding a cardboard sign, baking in the hot 95-degree Texas heat. Her sign simply said, “please [...]

    Mommy, I Look Fat: A Lesson in Self-Worth

    1 Samuel 16.7

    “Mommy, I look fat.” Oh those are words every mom dreams her child will say, no? Sometimes, when the mirror is placed directly before us, we plainly see the example we set for our children. Whether it’s the shorter shorts, the plethora of bikinis or changing fashion trends, summertime tends to bring body image and [...]