Congrats Bishop-Elect Danny Garcia!

Diocese of Austin Coat of Arms / Crest

Fr. Danny Garcia, the vicar general of the Diocese of Austin and the former longtime pastor of St. Vincent de Paul Parish in north Austin has been named by Pope Francis as the first auxiliary bishop of Austin! UPDATE: More about Bishop-Elect Garcia can be found in the Diocesan announcement. Bishop-Elect Garcia will be ordained… [Read More]

Epiphany Traditions

Epiphany Blessing on a doorway
[photocredit: flickr/stanbury

Yesterday was the Solemnity of the Epiphany, both the traditional date of January 6th and more recent “transferred date” of the Sunday between January 2nd and 8th, which is one of the marks used to end the traditional Christmas season. Growing up, all of our family traditions revolved around Christmas Day itself—opening presents, Christmas dinner and… [Read More]

Don’t Ignore Advent

Clock face

I believe in the sun even when it’s not shining. I believe in Love even when I don’t feel it. I believe in God even when he is silent. We’re 15 days away from Christmas. We are in a time of preparation, both of the celebration of the birth of Jesus of many years ago… [Read More]

Stability of Heart


Oblates of the Order of St. Benedict are lay people who are formally associated to a monastery. They aren’t monks, but normal, everyday folks who strive to follow the guidance given by St. Benedict in his Rule in a way that is proper for life outside of a monastery. Oblates make three promises, the phrasing of the first… [Read More]

Whatever You Do: Just Do It


I love the month of October. Such a wide variety of important dates fall within the month, that we now have an annual “Kraftoberfiesta” to celebrate. This year, Vanessa and I celebrated our 4th anniversary on the 4th, I remembered my dad on what would have been his 69th birthday on the 9th. My mom… [Read More]

When Civility Is Lost

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My mom, who lives in my hometown outside of the Diocese, called me last night with a church dilemma. Her dilemma is with the upcoming election, politics have become a common topic of conversation in the pews before Mass, in the parking lot after Mass, and before, during, or after almost all events. The topic… [Read More]

Our Church’s Curiosity

Three generation of Mars rovers. Sojourner (front),1997, Mars Pathfinder. Mars Exploration Rover Project (left), 2004, a working sibling to Spirit and Opportunity, 2004). On the right is a Mars Science Laboratory test rover the size of that project's Mars rover, Curiosity, which landed on Mars today.

Sojourner and its flight spare, named Marie Curie, are 2 feet (65 centimeters) long. The Mars Exploration Rover Project's rover, including the "Surface System Test Bed" rover in this photo, are 5.2 feet (1.6 meters) long. The Mars Science Laboratory Project's Curiosity rover and "Vehicle System Test Bed" rover, on the right, are 10 feet (3 meters) long.

The engineers are JPL's Matt Robinson, left, and Wesley Kuykendall. The California Institute of Technology, in Pasadena, operates JPL for NASA.

Curiosity landed early this morning on the surface of Mars. The robot, the size of a car, was launched on November 26th, 2011 with initial planning for the mission goes back at least to April 2004. This was a long time coming for engineers and scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab. With no astronauts on board, no required quotations… [Read More]

Bring Joy to Others

Fr Bob

Last week, Fr. Bob Scott, CSP passed away at the age of 90. A Paulist Father, Fr. Bob served in priestly ministry over 60 years. Most recently, he was active at both St. Austin’s and the University Catholic Center at The University of Texas until about a year ago. He recently served a little over… [Read More]

How I Fail At Summer


Summer! Finally! While kids haven’t been in class for awhile, my wife has had to report to work until the beginning of this month. She has a month where, while she is working, she doesn’t have to report to the office for work. It’s great! She’s home, our little girls get to spend more time… [Read More]

I Want To Speak Now

Mic on Stage (photocredit: flickr/ohskylab)

We have things to say. The Gospel of Christ is a powerful message that is transformative and needed to be proclaimed. The message needs to be heard, so that is can work with and in people to help them discover who they are and whose they are. Today’s social and political reality has plenty of people… [Read More]

Unliking Facebook


Friendster, MySpace, Facebook? While the numbers on usage continue to impress, is Facebook on the decline? Facebook used to be the cool social network. Not only did you need an .edu e-mail address to sign-up, initially, you had to wait until your school was cool enough to join the Facebook ranks. Then it opened to all… [Read More]

Be True To Yourself


A close friend of mine is getting married next month. He’s lived out in California for the past few years, so I haven’t seen him much nor do I know his future wife very well—just a couple of rather short conversations. He’s Catholic, she’s not Christian. While she isn’t interesting in becoming Catholic (anytime soon… [Read More]

When A Priest Leaves the Church

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It happens. Our beloved priest. The priest that said Mass for us that one time. The priest that celebrated your niece’s First Communion. The priest that helped out at my neighbor’s kid’s school. Sometimes, priests leave the priesthood. Sometimes, it is a friendly departure. The priest’s discernment led him to understand his role within the… [Read More]

Is Your Software Catholic?

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I’m a big geek. While some guys like to fix cars, build things with wood, or tinker with things like that, I tinker with the Internet. I like digging into the guts of computers, specifically, what makes the web work. One of the reasons the Internet works is open-source software. Open-source software, by definition, means… [Read More]

We Are Too Important

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Rita wrote a beautiful post about the passing of Austin’s own Leslie and how, despite virtually everyone’s uneasiness when meeting him for the first time, he had some impact on many in Austin. My wife and I had a brief conversation with the priest who administered Leslie’s last rites and celebrated his funeral. On the… [Read More]

Have You Cheated Yet?

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Alright folks. One week down. How is everyone doing? Been perfect so far? I admit, I already had a Lenten slip-up. This year, for better or worse, I didn’t mention what I was offering up for Lent on my personal site. In retrospect, I usually fail at it, which not only means I’m unintentionally bragging… [Read More]

HHS Mandate Revisited


When the Department of Health and Human Services announced the rules concerning the scope of the religious exemption for mandatory coverage of contraceptives, sterilizations and abortifacent drugs, there was an uproar. In response, on Friday afternoon, the President announced a compromise meant to allow Catholic organizations to stay true to their values and maintain the Administration’s… [Read More]

Open Combox: Your Take from Super Bowl XLVI


We’re trying something new for today at Austin Catholic New Media. The article will be on the shorter side, but with the open invite to continue the thread on the comment box below. Last night, the New England Patriots and the New York Giants played a rematch of Super Bowl XLII with the Giants winning… [Read More]